There’s clear evidence that vaping affects acne to some degree, whether that means it clears it up completely or makes it worse depends on the individual, as all acne treatments do. You could vape to quit smoking cigarettes, something else that can induce acne breakouts, or you could vape for the fun of it. Whatever your choice may be, it’s important to understand the effects it can have on your body, specifically how it can affect your skin.

Smoking cigarettes is a distinct factor in the course of acne and how severe it can be. As cigarettes usually contain chemicals like arsenic and formaldehyde, harsh byproducts that you’re introducing to your system, your body will do anything to get those toxins out. This expulsion is typically seen through the skin, producing a yellow, leathery texture, pimples and cysts. Your body is doing what it can to keep those harsh chemicals as far from your organs as possible.

As vaping has become increasingly popular in helping avid smokers cut down their habit, it also works to decrease the toxins entering the body altogether. This method of stopping the use of traditional tobacco products is more appealing than using nicotine patches or quitting cold turkey, especially with all the e-juice flavours available.

E-Juice Ingredients

There are very few ingredients in the e-liquid flavours used in electronic vaping devices. They’re also not guaranteed to contain any nicotine in them whatsoever, depending on the juice you choose. Good quality e-juices contain food-grade ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and non-toxic thickening liquids often used in mouthwash and food colouring. Natural and artificial flavours are also used to provide that delicious taste people gravitate towards when vaping.

When heated up in the vape pen, these non-toxic ingredients are transformed into different chemical compounds. The vapour that’s produced has been found to hold 90% less harmful chemicals than tobacco products. With fewer chemicals being introduced into your body, your system won’t be working as hard to keep toxins away from your vital organs. In turn, you’ll likely see less acne or other skin conditions manifesting while vaping.

Acne Results

Many individuals who have switched over to vaping have noticed a slow decline in their acne, reporting fewer breakouts and healing without much discolouration. Some have even claimed that their acne healed completely. While the effects need to be investigated more, and other factors need to be considered regarding the healing of acne, there is a definite connection between getting rid of your acne and switching to a vape pen over cigarettes.

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