If you are new to vaping, the heat coming from your device will likely cause you to worry, although, in most cases, there is no need to panic because the chances of something bad happening, as a result, are slim to none.

The following tips can help put your mind at ease regarding this particular issue:

  1. Figure out where exactly your vape is getting hot and whether the heat is coming from the tank or the battery to determine the severity of the problem. It’s not always easy to figure this out, so try to feel the base of the tank, which holds the coil and then the battery section and once you have the answer, you can then see if it’s a serious issue. If you’re unable to touch it even briefly, it’s a sign of a more serious problem but if you can touch where the heat is coming from momentarily without feeling like you’re burning your hand, it’s likely not something to be concerned about.
  2. Figure out the cause of your hot vape. The most common one is that vaping devices are designed to get hot, so it’s not necessarily something to panic about as that is what the device is meant to do. The coil located inside the tank will heat up when in use and if you vape often and are puffing continuously, your coil will get very hot and as a result, the outside of your tank will become noticeably hot as well. This is especially true regarding the base area where the coil is located. The type of coil being used will affect this aspect as will the frequency of your vaping habit.
  3. If you notice excessive heat coming from your vape and feel concerned, stop vaping for a little while and you’ll notice a difference. Even if you stop vaping for as little as 10 minutes, your vape should cool down because the coil is getting a break and isn’t being heated, meaning your device will cool down rather quickly. Heat issues are always the easiest to fix and can be done fast so there’s rarely a reason to worry.
  4. If you don’t chain vape, you use a straightforward coil and you still experience heat issues on the outside of your tank, it can be because of gunk around your coil, which will prevent the device from working effectively. If your vape gets too hot every time you use it and you’re not doing anything wrong, gunk may be the cause of the problem, and switching to a new coil will help you solve this problem.

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