Getting confused about voltage, watts, and ohms is easy. It is entirely possible to have a great vaping experience without knowing the intricacies of these three things. You can learn on your own, adjusting battery voltage and experimenting with different atomizers, to get the throat hit, flavour, and vapour that you desire. If you want to get more into the nitty-gritty, though, then there is a lot of great information on voltage, watts, and ohms. Here is our easy to understand explanation of voltage, watts, and ohms and how they can affect your vaping experience.


An ohm is not a part in an e-cigarette. An ohm is a unit, and in this case, it is a unit of resistance. If there is less resistance in your atomizer, there will be more electricity flowing through it. A higher resistance atomizer, on the other hand, means that there will less electricity flowing through.

If you have less resistance flowing through your e-cigarette, then you will have the following vaping experience:

  • More heat generation at the coil
  • More intense flavour (though this does depend on the type of flavour you are using)
  • More vapour
  • Warmer vapour

If you like all of these things, then having a higher level of electricity flowing through your e-cigarette is what you want. If you don’t like those, however, then you will want to have a higher resistance flowing through your e-cigarette.

If you do have less resistance in your e-cigarette though then there are some downsides:

  • Your battery life can be reduced
  • You will use up e-juice more quickly
  • Your battery will go down quicker
  • Your atomizer’s life is reduced

On the other hand, if you use a high resistance atomizer you will have:

  • Cooler vapour
  • Less vapour
  • Less intense flavour
  • Less electricity flowing
  • An increased battery life
  • You will save e-juice
  • A smaller chance of a dry hit

The units of ohms come down to personal preference.

Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage

When you are using a variable voltage device, you are manually controlling the power (or voltage) that is going through your device at any time. The output from your e-cigarette, in this case, depends on how the resistance of the atomizer interacts with the power you are putting through the device. So you control the power going in but not the actual output.

When you use a variable wattage device you have the exact opposite situation. You do not get to control the power that is going through the device, but instead, you tell it how much output you want. The device then automatically adjusts what power is going into the atomizer to produce the result that you want.

A variable voltage device is a lot like a manual car while a variable wattage device is a lot like an automatic car.

No matter what kind of vaping experience you want, Vape 312RW has you covered. We have e-cigarettes in all forms so that you have complete control over your vape.