So you’ve decided to quit smoking and take up vaping. That’s great! But there’s much more to vaping than the fact that it curbs your tobacco cravings. Here are many more benefits that you can experience when you start on your vaping journey.

Can Clear Your Sinuses

Using a mint or menthol-flavored vape juice will do much more than just taste good. Taking a few rips of menthol-flavored e-juice is guaranteed to get rid of any nasal congestion you may be experiencing.

Air Freshener

If you’re vaping a potent e-juice and find yourself walking through a foul stench, don’t worry! You have a portable air purifier with you, as the scent of the vapors is sure to cover up any horrible smells.

It’s a Quick Fix

Imagine all the time you’ve wasted standing outside trying to finish smoking an entire cigarette. Sometimes all you need is a few puffs, but then you’d end up wasting an entire cigarette. With vaping, you can puff as much as you want, for however long you want, without the fear of wasting product or money.

No More Stinky Trash

Cigarette butts have to go somewhere, and if you’re an avid smoker then it’s likely you’ve encountered more than your fair share of nicotine-scented waste. Making the switch over to vaping and using e-cigarettes means that you never have to deal with a smelly garbage can filled with cigarette butts again.

All The Flavors

When you switch over to vape pens, you’re introduced to a wide range of e-juice flavors, from traditional ones like orange or vanilla to creative dessert and drink options. Why stick with cigarettes that taste like tobacco and menthol when you could have a different vape juice flavor every day of the week?

Got a Sweet Tooth?

As mentioned, vape juices are available in dessert flavors. If you’re craving something sweet, skip the unhealthy options that are sure to add a few pounds and indulge in a sweet-tasting vaping session.

No Need to Bum Smokes

Constantly asking people if you can borrow a smoke can rub them the wrong way. Instead of bumming a smoke off of someone who’s spent their hard-earned money on them, start vaping!

Drinking More Water

One of the drawbacks of constantly vaping is that it tends to leave your mouth a bit dry. However, this isn’t a bad thing at all! It gives you an opportunity to drink more water and keep yourself hydrated. Quitting smoking is a healthy choice, add to that by drinking water to quench your thirst instead of soda or alcohol.

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