If you live in a big city you may have noticed many vape lounges opening this year and for good reason; vaping has exponentially grown in popularity and people want to cash in on its success. If you are new to the area or new to vaping in general, you will want to scope out some of the vape lounges to find your preferred spot to get your supplies and hang out with other people who love to vape. The big question becomes “how can I find the right vape lounge for me?” For every one lounge that is genuinely interested in vaping and want to share their experience with you, there are many that just want to cash in on the fad and don’t really care about your interests. With that in mind, here are the best ways to determine if you have found the perfect vape lounge for you.

Good products

First and foremost, the vape lounge you choose should have a wide variety of products and brands that will cater to everybody’s needs. If the vape lounge only sells one or two brands, the owner is probably a) stubborn, b) lazy or c) doesn’t really care about vaping and only chose the most popular brand to sell. Imagine in it like a bar; if you go into a bar that only sells one brand of beer, are you going to stay? Unless you only drink that brand, maybe, but there won’t be a lot of people clamoring to get in.

When you enter a vape lounge, check to see if they sell multiple brands and products that cater to a wider audience. The employees will also be very knowledgeable about each brand and can recommend new juices to try based on your preferences.

Speaking of employees…

Great people

When finding the perfect vape lounge, you will probably be visiting it every so often to hang out with friends or to just go in and pick up new products. Either way, you will want to make sure the lounge is somewhere you want to hang out and interact with the other customers and the employees who work there. To do this, you will have to go to each lounge and feel out the vibe that they give off.

A good way to test if you can trust the employees is to go in and say you are new to vaping, even if you aren’t. If they give you attitude for whatever reason or if they only try to sell you their most expensive products, you may want to skip that lounge. You want to find a place that is willing to help you by recommending a variety of products and give their own experiences with the equipment they use. Finding a place with friendly employees will make you want to go to them every time you need to buy new products and equipment.

Great Environment

What makes people stay in vape lounges for a long period of time is that they love the environment. This means that the lounge is clean, customers are interacting with each other in a friendly manner, the employees are smiling and helping people out, and they display their products professionally.

When you find a vape lounge will all three of these aspects checked off, you should make it you’re go-to for all your vaping needs. If you live in Chicago, come by Vape312 on 728 W Grand Ave to experience the best vape lounge in the city! We have a full-tasting bar where you can try the most popular flavors and provide you with a unique vaping experience.