If you have recently started vaping, you may be overwhelmed with how expensive it’s getting. There are a lot of parts that you need to buy to provide you with the best vaping experience. If you are looking to cut down on your vaping costs, read this blog to find out how!

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Turn down the wattage and use a higher resistance coil

These two things go hand in hand because if you use a higher resistance coil, you do not need a lot of power to heat it up. This will consume less e-liquid. If you have an adjustable wattage vaporizer, you can turn down the wattage to help conserve your batteries even more. Having a higher wattage will eat away at your e-liquid, coil, and battery power, which means you will have to replace them more often.

Invest in bigger e-liquid bottles

When you find a flavor that you love, try to find bigger bottles. Most bottles come in 60ml, but some come in 100ml or even 120ml. These can be more cost-effective than just buying many smaller bottles of that particular flavor.

Use a high nicotine content e-liquid

It may seem counterintuitive to find a higher nicotine content e-liquid, but it is effective in cutting your vaping costs down. If you use a high nicotine e-liquid alongside a lower wattage and higher resistance coil, your draws will produce a more impactful dose of nicotine, which means you can take fewer drags to get the same sensation as a lower nicotine content e-liquid.