Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just setting out to take on the leisure activity, you should know that going down the route of cheapest vape juice is not the safest move. There is a significant difference between vape juices in terms of the quality and safety. Moreover, there are various types of vape juices. For instance, there are different products for people looking to quit smoking, infuse marijuana in the vape, or merely create huge clouds.

The quality of your vaping experience is not only dependent on your vaporizer, getting the right type of vape juice is necessary. To guide you better, we have listed four best types of vape juices for you, so read on and find the best flavour for you.


VaporFi vape juice has accumulated an excellent reputation through several certifications and tests which prove that it’s not only free from toxins but also contains ingredients of the best quality. VaporFi is the most transparent and accepted vape juice maker in the entire world.

There’s zero guesswork involved with what it is you’re inhaling with this vape juice, which is the reason VaporFi is the most transparent and regularly endorsed vape juice producer in the entire world. Admittedly, VaporFi juices are among the most expensive premium juices around. If you want to vape with maximum reassurance, it is best to choose the premium price.

Vista Vapors

Former cigarette smokers listen up, if you’re looking to recreate the smoking experience but haven’t discovered that authentic cigarette tasting juice, look no further. The tobacco flavour juice from Vista Vapor is a naturally extracted tobacco juice that is the most authentic tasting vape juice out there.

Juices are not inexpensive because extracting tobacco flavours is a time-consuming and expensive process. Nevertheless, if you would prefer the best tobacco tasting juice out there, you’ll want to pay the premium price. And because you’re tasting real tobacco, the vapor juice offers you the purest and cleanest taste.

Liquid State

If you’re in search of a creamy curry flavour, liquid state juice is your best bet. While most Liquid State juices have a very nice touch, the flavours, Cali Colada and Apple Butter are the top reasons why this item is the best. The two juices have at least three different flavours, layered and blended most smoothly.

Even though juices have the bad reputation for being contaminated with diacetyl or acetyl propionyl, Liquid State proofs you could make fantastic dessert flavoured juice without any diacetyl or acetyl propionyl.


FDA-tests have shown that there are a lot of CBD oils and vape oils, that contain minimal or no CBD inside them. Therefore, if you get CBD vape juice, then you’ve to ensure that you acquire it in a trustworthy source. Koi CBD is an American CBD vape juice manufacturer. They provide you with the complete results of their lab-tests and evidence that their product contains an appropriate amount of CBD.

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