What once originated as an alternative to smoking has evolved drastically and is now a thriving industry all on its own. Many people vape as an alternative to smoking in an effort to save money, others just enjoy it recreationally. But what is vaping exactly? What are some things that people who are new to vaping need to know? If you do a quick Google search, you are bound to be hit with an overwhelming amount of information, some true and some false. So we thought it’d be easier to provide newcomers to vaping with a brief cheat sheet of all the information that they ought to know without doing all of the research and web browsing.

What Exactly is Vaping?

Vaping refers to the use of personal devices, including mods and pens, that use convection or conduction to heat its contents until they reach their point of vaporization. This is a point that is cooler than the combustion point.

What are Box Mods?

Box Mods are a newer vaping accessory. They offer more power than the classic vape pens, but they also cost quite a bit more. Box Mods have a better battery life and can also be customized to the user’s personal preferences, including the voltage and the temperature.

How do Box Mods Work?

Once a vapor is produced, the user then inhales, while avoiding the toxins, carcinogens, and other chemicals that are consumed when smoking cigarettes. That said, like smoking, vaping allows outside sources quick entry into your bloodstream. This means that individuals that are vaping CBD or THC generally end up feeling effects much quicker.

What is a Vape Pen?

Vape pens are the original vaping accessory. Vape pens have a battery as well as a refillable oil cartridge. Most vape pens, like the “O” pen, do not require a button to heat its contents. It is simply activated by the person inhaling the contents. Once you begin inhaling, the contents begin to vaporize.

How Exactly do Vaporizers Work?

Although they may look different, the reality is that the mechanics behind vaping devices are usually exactly the same. They all involve the workings of four pieces: a tank, atomizer, some software, and a battery.

The Tank

The tank, which is what holds the oil, is usually refillable (unless it is designated for one-time use in which case it is a cartridge). Tanks are generally combined with what are called atomizers to form single units. The materials most commonly used in making these items include polycarbonate plastic, glass, and stainless steel.

The Atomizer

The atomizer is the heater that is located on a vaping device. Its job is to convert liquid into airborne droplets. The Atomizer is often also referred to as a cartomizer or clearomizer.


Some vaporizers activate immediately when a user inhales, while others require the push of a button. For these, sensors are built into the vaporizers to respond to either action.

The Battery

Vape devices need to have extremely strong batteries. Strong enough that they can heat up to handle hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit in just seconds.

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