Vaping has become a widespread phenomenon among both smokers and non-smokers. Whether you’re trying to quit tobacco smoking or are just interested in vaping for the variety of flavours on the market, now is the best time to jump on the bandwagon. Here are five ways you can have a fun time vaping.


E-cigarettes, or e-cigars, were created as a potential replacement for people trying to quit smoking tobacco. This electronic cigarette has a small battery and long tube that simulates the look and experience of smoking a real cigar. They’re capable of emitting vapours that are composed of nicotine or non-nicotine e-juices. E-cigars have been around since 2004, first appearing on the Chinese market. Sold to help smokers reduce or quit smoking tobacco altogether, e-cigarettes are also a good option for people who want to start vaping.

Vape Pods

The most common option for vaping, vape pods is small and compact devices that hold more products than e-cigarettes. As with most vaping systems, vape pods were designed to help smokers who are trying to transition into vaping. These devices come in two system types: refillable and pre-filled pods. Refillable vape pods allow you to refill empty pods with different flavours whenever you desire. Pre-filled vape pods are exactly as they sound, using cartridges already filled with e-juices. With pre-filled pods, you don’t have to worry about refilling them yourself.

Various Flavours

E-juice is the flavoured liquid that’s evaporated within the vape pen. Also known as e-liquid and vape juice, it’s one of the many reasons people are so infatuated with the concept and act of vaping. Any flavour can be infused into an e-juice to create an endless supply of flavours. For those trying to quit smoking, tobacco-flavoured e-juices are available to make the process more effective. It’s up to you to determine what flavour you find that makes the experience of vaping worthwhile. There are e-juices that contain nicotine, and as nicotine is addictive, beware of the type of e-juices you’re consuming.

Entertainment through Tricks

There are several websites and videos available that can teach you how to perform smoke tricks. From simple smoke rings to ingenious skills, it can be a real show-stopper at parties and gatherings. Taking the time to learn and perfect one or multiple tricks can be a fun experience for you in testing your capabilities. Dazzle a crowd with your mesmerizing smoke illusions.

Choose Your Surroundings

It’s up to you how and where you want to vape. You can vape in the comfort of your own home or go out with friends and find a vape lounge where you can smoke among yourselves in public. If you choose to stay home, then grab your most trusted vape pen, play some relaxing music or pick up a book and enjoy a quiet night in. Or become a social butterfly and throw a vape party with your friends. Whether it’s just a couple of people or a huge house party with amazing smoke tricks, it’s up to you.

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